Erg Chigaga Quad biking tour

Quad raid Sahara Morocco

Erg Chigaga quad biking tour

During your stay in the Morocco luxury camp “Chez Naji” enjoy a quad biking tour in Erg Chigaga big dunes.

Our two Erg Chigaga desert camps are ideally located to let you enjoy the best Morocco desert quad biking experience.

The Erg Chigaga quad biking excursion is an amazing activity to share in family, with friends or during a group event.

Discover our programs and contact us for a custom quad biking tour.

Quad biking tour Erg Chigaga

The Erg Chigaga dunes are known to be some of the biggest dunes in the Moroccan Sahara. That’s why a quad excursion in this part of the Morocco desert is so amazing!

If you have the chance to spend a stay in our Morocco luxury camp Erg Chigaga, try a Sahara quad biking tour for a few hours.

This quad biking tour in the Morocco desert will leave you with unforgettable memories of thrills. As the quad biking adventure in M’hamid, you go for one or two hours of original discovery of the Sahara!

The Erg Chigaga quad tour could be organized during a Morocco desert trip or holidays in a Morocco Sahara desert camp.

You can also mix a Sahara quad biking for an hour and a camel tour activity during your stay in our camp.

It’s two different ways to discover the majestic Morocco desert.

Erg Chigaga quad biking tour
Erg Chigaga quad tour

Erg Chigaga quad bike tour half-day

For a half-day quad bike Sahara in Erg Chigaga, we provide:

  • all-terrain vehicle with 100 horsepower,
  • experienced guides,
  • quality itineraries,
  • professional supervision,
  • excellent service,
  • all the equipment you need for a safe and original adventure in family, with friends, …

If you are looking for an original Morocco desert excursion tour, the Erg Chigaga quad biking tour could be a perfect option.

Contact us for an Erg Chigaga quad tour half day and a stay in our Morocco luxury camp “Chez Naji”.

A day quad biking Erg Chigaga

A day quad bike experience in the Morocco desert is available for those who like adventures and having fun with a thrill’s activity!

During your holidays in our Morocco luxury desert camp Erg Chigaga go for an original discovery of the big dunes. Enjoy a one-day Sahara Quad riding!

Morocco quad biking

Quad raid Erg Chigaga desert

The dunes of Erg Chiagaga are one of the best places in the Sahara to practice a quad raid Morocco.

We often organize quad raids in the Erg Chigaga area. The quad raid Sahara Morocco could be practiced for 2 to 5 days driving.  The raid quad biking allows you to do many days trip in the Sahara, so you can discover breathtaking landscapes and different terrains to drive on.

The package program includes transport from the arrival city and Morocco luxury accommodation during the Sahara raid. You can fully enjoy this desert experience because we carry out all logistic organization.

Our team ensures you a comfortable stay, an excellent service in our Erg Chigaga luxury camp “Chez Naji”, a safe discovery of an exceptional parts of the Sahara desert.

The Quad biking raid Erg Chigaga could be included in a Morocco incentive travel. You can contact us for more information, advice or for customize your Sahara quad adventure experience.