Morocco camel trekking

3-day Camel trek Morocco


3-day camel trek morocco

Departure from our Morocco luxury camp “Chez Naji” in M’hamid

3-day camel trek Morocco

One of the incredible natural sites in Morocco, it is undoubtedly its Sahara desert.

If you are spending some holidays in Morocco, take a few days or a stay to do a Sahara travel and visit the desert. The village of M’hamid El Ghizlane is the perfect destination to discover the Moroccan desert and do a desert hike.

The departure for this Sahara trekking tour is done in the morning from our luxury camp in M’zouaria (about 7 km from the village of M’hamid El Ghizlane).

The camels are loaded with provisions and your bags. The caravan is ready, and you can start your 3-day hike in the Morocco desert. You will be guided by local Sahrawi nomads.

On the first day of your camel trek Morocco, you enjoy beautiful landscapes.

The caravan takes the direction from M’zouaria to Erg Bertham where you will spend your first overnight in the Sahara.

Your guides will set up the wild camping for the night. Enjoy the Sahara starry sky and a dinner around a campfire.


sahara camel trekking 3 days

3-day camel trek Morocco : from Erg Bertham to Oued Naam

On the second day of your Morocco camel trekking program, you will discover new landscapes in the Sahara desert.

After breakfast you start your camel tour in the direction of Oued Naam. The caravan moves forward in silence. In front of you a huge view of the desert…

During this Morocco camel trek form M’hamid, you walk 2 to 3 hours in the morning and as many in the afternoon. You can also spend some time on the back of a camel.

You enjoy lunch in the Morocco desert, in the shade of the tamarisks.

In the afternoon, this Sahara camel trip continues.

The 3-day camel trek Morocco is ideal to relax, meditate, and enjoy the silence in the desert. It’s also an adventure Morocco trip.

The second overnight is planned in a Sahara wild camping in the foot of the dunes and under a thousand of stars.


Morocco camel trekking 3 days

Oued Naam – back to M’zouaria or M’hamid

The last day of your Sahara camel trekking excursion you will go take the way back to our camp or to M’hamid.

Those who get up early can admire the sunrise. After breakfast, the caravan moves slowly towards our camp.

This Morocco camel trip in the desert allows you the chance to meet the Sahrawi nomads who will be your guides for 3 days. So, you can learn about nomadic traditions and lifestyle.

You can also help them to prapare bread baked in the sand. Travelers say it’s delicious!

With us, you are sure to get excellent service and take full advantage of Moroccan hospitality.

You will arrive in the camp in the early afternoon.

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What we provide for this trip

  • Private or a group formula,
  • Local guides,
  • One camel per person,
  • Tents and Blankets,
  • Meals and Water;

More information about the 3-day camel trek Morocco

  • Best period for this 3-day camel trek Morocco: from September to May.
  • A check list with the things to bring for the trek is communicated by mail,
  • Pick up from the arrival city can be organized.