Morocco camel trekking

4-day Sahara trekking Morocco


4-day morocco camel trekking

M’hamid camel trekking from our luxury desert camp

This Morocco Sahara experience 4 days allows you to spend overnights in the desert, in a wild camp.

Also, you can visit beautiful places in the desert of M’hamid and enjoy various landscapes in the Sahara.

On the first day, you start your Sahara trip from our Morocco desert camp located in M’zouaria.

Sahrawi nomads will be your guides during this desert adventure.

They know the Sahara Desert better than anyone! Nomads will make this Sahara desert hike unforgettable.

The first place the caravan will go is Oued Ben Hakki. Then, you walk in the desert to Lahnaniche.

You will also discover the Kasbah of M’hamid which is in the palm grove. You take a break to visit the Kasbah during your Sahara camel trekking tour.

Overnight in the desert after a dinner around a campfire.


Morocco desert hike 4 days

Camel trekking Morocco to Sidi Naji

The second day of your Morocco camel trek is devoted to the discovery of other desert landscapes.

When you are on the top of the dunes, you can see the majestic Sahara all around you.

2 to 3 hours walking in the morning and 2 to 3 hours trekking in the afternoon.

You can also spend some time camel riding. Enjoy this Sahara camel tour to relax, make a digital detox and meet the nomadic lifestyle.

On this second day of your Sahara trekking Morocco, you go visit the tomb of the Marabout Sidi Naji.

The wild camping for the overnight will be done not far from this place of pilgrimage for the nomads.

Enjoy a magic moment around the campfire with the Sahrawi under the starry sky of the Sahara.

Stargazing fans are welcomed and also adventure seekers!


Trekking tour M'hamid

From Sidi Naji to Erg Zahar

On the third day of your Morocco camel trek, you will visit the very beautiful dunes of Erg Zahar.

After breakfast, you continue your desert hike from Sidi Naji to the big dunes.

You walk for 2 or 3 hours in the morning. During your Sahara camel trip you will also discover the hamadas, not only dunes.

The hamadas are desert plateaus covered with stones.

Your Morocco camel trekking will bring you in the end of the day on the Erg Zahar dunes to admire the sunset…

Your guides will prepare the overnight in a mobile desert camping at Erg Zahar area.

The Erg Zahar dune’s are one of the place to visit absolutly in the M’hamid desert. You need at least 4 days sahara camel trekking to can discover these dunes.


4-day sahara trekking morocco

From Erg Zahar to our Morocco luxury desert camp

The last day of your Morocco desert trip is devoted to the return to our Sahara desert camp in M’zouaria.

You will be back in the afternoon.

If your Sahara holidays are shorts, you can spend less time camel trekking in the desert:

On the other hand, if you have more time, the desert of M’hamid allows you to make hike of 5 days, 7-day Morocco camel trip, even 10-day Sahara desert adventure.

During your stay in one of our Morocco luxury desert camps and your M’hamid trekking tour, enjoy excellent service.

If you want to celebrate a special event, let’s us know and we will be delightful to organize it!

We organize tailor-made Sahara desert experiences.


What we provide for this trip

  • Private or a group formula,
  • Local guides,
  • One camel per person,
  • Tents and Blankets,
  • Meals and Water;

More information

  • Best period for this 4-day camel trek Morocco: from September to May.
  • A check list with the things to bring for the trek is communicated by mail,
  • Pick up from the arrival city can be organized.